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Middle Fork Salmon   The Middle Fork of The Salmon. The River of No Return. The Frank Church Wilderness. The largest swatch of land in the continental US without road access. 2.3 million acres with another million in the adjacent Gospel Hump wilderness all roadless. Access to these remote areas is granted by bush plane and river corridor. This breathtaking section of the Idaho wilderness has quickly established in my mind as one of the most majestic places on earth.    An absolute bucket list river trip for seasoned and budding boaters alike, it is a weeklong adventure into some...

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I have heard that New Mexico will let you know whether or not you are welcome. That it will either envelop you in warmth and vibrant enchantment or it will spit you out, sending some away with their tail between their legs.   There is a place here known as Diablo Canyon where this proves true and strong in my heart.  It lies in the center of the Caja del Rio Plateau, 15 miles west of Santa Fe on ancient Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo land, with its titanous formations dating back 65 million years. The basalt canyon walls tower over a weaving prehistoric...

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I wake up and the only thing between me and the ground is my paco pad and a cotton sheet. The wind from last night was blasting me with sand and it has permeated my pillowcase, hair and skin. This is life now. I open my eyes and a sense of awe and relief overcomes me, I'm still here. It is day 19 of our 24 day rafting trip through the heart of the Grand Canyon. The first bit of sunlight touches the top of the canyon walls. The familiar roar of the river tempts me to close my eyes...

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